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Laike Events

Laike Events

◇Fujian Laike Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 - the former Fujian Nan'an Rongzhong Petrochemical Plant was the designated lubricant oil processing enterprise of Fujian Provincial Petroleum Corporation during the planned economy period.

◇The synthetic brake fluid was developed in 1988 and was successfully developed in January 1990. It was named Laike 901 automobile brake fluid, which has passed the provincial appraisal in October,1990.

◇Be listed as a member by the Oil Industry Professional Committee of the China Automobile Engineering Society in 1992.

◇The brake fluid of the 901-4 (DOT4) was successfully developed in 1993 and passed the appraisal of ministerial authentication in December of that year - the first company passed the ministerial authentication in China.

◇Cooperated with Lubrizol in 1993, the world's largest additive company.

◇Developed the MG manual transmission oil in 1995 that meets the requirements of Italian Fiat's oil standard for transmission, the only special oil of manual transmission in China so far.

◇In 1996, Laike set up the nationwide distribution network in various provinces and cities.

◇Certified by the ISO9002 Quality System in 1997.

Be awarded the famous brand of Fujian Province in 1997.

◇Won the famous trademark of Fujian province in 1999.

◇Laike products were listed as “The Famous and Quality Product under State Special Protection” by National Technical Quality Supervision Bureau in 1999.

◇The laboratory of the Ministry of Technology was recognized as “Lever 2 of Quality Supervision and Inspection Organization of Chemical Industry Enterprise” by the Ministry of Chemical Industry of Fujian Province in 1999.

◇The State Administration for Industry and Commerce unified the time and actions in 18 provinces and cities across the country to crack down on the LAIKE brand products from 10th to 11th September, 2001. (the third case in the history of China)

◇SJ 10W/40 gasoline engine oil was approved by Nanjing Fiat Co., Ltd in 2002 and was designated as Palio and Sieena initial loading and after-sales oil.

◇CF-4. CH-4/SJ. CI-4/SL. SJ. SL 15W/40, SJ. SL were certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) in 2002~2005.

◇CH-4 15W/40 was certified by the Volvo VDS-2 in 2002.

◇CI-4SL 15W/40 was certified by the Volvo VDS-3 in 2003.

◇Laike brake fluid was granted the national industrial production license in 2003.

◇CH4 diesel engine oil was certified by the American Cummins CES20076 in 2003.

◇CI4/SL universal engine oil was certified by the American Cummins CES20078 in 2004.

◇CH-4 diesel engine oil and SL gasoline engine oil were certified by the Mercedes-Benz 228.3 and 229.1  respectively as well as BMW and France Renault in 2004.

◇Laike ATF automatic transmission oil was recognized by Ford Motor Company of the US General Motors.

◇Passed the ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certification in 2004.

◇Passed the ISO9001-2000 foreign UKAS certificate of Quality System Certification in 2004.

◇Passed the ISO14001-1996 Environmental System Certification in 2004. The company is committed to environmental protection, and produces energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products.

◇Passed the QS9000 Quality Management System Certification in 2004.

◇Laike GL-5 85W/90 and CF-4 15W/40 were designated as loading oil by King Long bus. (Replace imported products, based on driving tests).

◇Laike GL-5 85W/140 gear oil passed the bench test of Dongfeng Motor Corporation in 2005 and used for heavy-duty and rear axles of heavy-duty vehicles with double rear axles;

◇Laike lubricants won the national product quality exemption in 2006.

◇Laike brake fluid 901 series won the “China Famous Trademark”.

◇Passed the DOT certification by the American Automobile Manufacturers' Equipment Safety Supervision Committee (AMECA) in 2008.

◇Pass the ISO/TS 16949 2002 (automobile industry) Quality Management System Certification in 2008.

◇Hydraulic oil passed the American DENISON HF0/HF1/HF2 specifications in 2008.

◇The company's technology center became Quanzhou Industry and Technology Center and Fujian Province's industry Spark Innovation Center in 2009.

◇The company's turbine engine oil was certified by Siemens' TLV901304 in 2009.

◇The diesel engine oil passed the M3277 and M3477 certifications of German MAN in 2010.

◇Laike CJ-4 products passed the Cummins CES20081 certification in 2010.

◇Laike GF-4/SM 5W/30 was certified by the GM6094M specification in 2010.

◇Laike SM 5W/40 products passed the certifications of Volkswagen VW 502 00 and VW 505 00 in 2010.

◇Passed the ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System approval, the re-evaluation of the ISO14001-2004 Environmental Management System and the annual audit of the TS 16949-2002 Quality Management System in 2010.

◇Passed the new certification of ISO/TS 16949:2009 in 2011.

Be awarded the title of “Harmonious Enterprise in 2011.

◇Passed the GB/T 20081-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification in June 2012.

◇Laike became a CCTV strategic cooperation brand in 2013.

◇Established a postdoctoral studio in 2013.

◇Established Shandong Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Laike Petrochemical Co., Ltd. In 2014.

◇Co-developed DFC-S11 power steering oil with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and put into production in 2015.

◇Won the Third Nan'an City Mayor Quality Award in 2016.

◇The construction of the first phase of the Shandong high-tech intelligent factory was completed and put into production in 2016.

◇Launched Laike’s carefully maintenance and protection brand and introduced the Internet + operating model in 2016.

◇Be rated as the most popular lubricant brand by the Chinese commercial vehicle aftermarket in 2016.

◇Won the science and technology enterprise of Fujian province in 2017.

◇Won the high-growth enterprises in Fujian province and the leading enterprises in Quanzhou city in 2017.

◇Be awarded a benchmarking company for potential safety inspections in Quanzhou city in 2017.

◇We are on the road, to be continued...


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