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Product Details
Gasoline engine oil SN
Gasoline engine oil SN
Product Detail

◆Executive standards: The product has passed the American Petroleum Institute API SN grade and ILSAC GF-5 specification certification; and meet the U.S. G.M.s latest GM dexosTM 1 specification requirements, which is the highest quality gasoline engine oil in the world.

◆Meet the latest Euro IV/European V/US second-phase emission requirements. The eco-friendly gasoline engine oil designed for engines using gasoline direct injection technology such as GDI, TGDI, ternary catalyst TWC, particle trap DPF, etc., and was characterized by excellent fuel economy performance. Effectively disperses soot and deposits, controls engine sludge and piston ring deposits, minimizes the effects of high temperature sludge and high temperature deposits on engine corrosion and wear, reduces particulate emissions and improves fuel economy.

◆Viscosity grade: please confirm you have chosen the appropriate viscosity grade. The corresponding usage recommended information depends on the ambient temperature of the engine, and its data can be obtained from related files.

◆Application recommendations: suitable for use in SN (including SM, SL, SH, SJ) grades of multi-valve, turbocharged, direct-injection engines for various limousine, auto-racing, passenger gasoline engines; suitable for extreme driving under continuous high pressure, frequent start-stop driving in harsh road conditions, and freeway driving in smooth road conditions.

◆SM was certified by VW 502 00, VW 505 00, GM6094M, etc.
◆SL was certified by Mercedes 229.1, BMW BMW Longlife-98, etc.
Certified by the BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, etc.
◆JAC, King Long, etc.designate it as loading and after-sales service oil.

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